I develop digital products, currently working as a UI designer and UX strategist at a tiny communications company just outside of Los Angeles. My primary focus in my current role is the nuts and bolts work of designing and building mobile user interfaces for both iOS and Android. I’m interested in all aspects of the product design process whether it be technical (UI) or strategic (UX and product management). I’ve worked in various roles supporting and developing both consumer and enterprise software since the late 1990s with a hiatus to complete my graduate degree and work as an educator. I love doing UI/UX because it’s where the analytical meets the visual in the form of an experience; creating it allows me to draw upon an array of skills and disciplines.

I'm a Westerner who was born and raised in Colorado, but educated in Texas and California—the two states in which I've spent most of my working life. When I’m not busy with my wife and young son, I am an avid cyclist, a life-long rider, so look for me on my bike.
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