I build digital products. I'm currently working as both a product designer and design lead for a small team designing enterprise telemedicine software serving both patients and clinicians in the healthcare sector. I've supported and developed both consumer and enterprise software since the late 1990s with a hiatus to complete my graduate degree and work as an educator. I bring a sensibility that is equal parts methodical, conceptual, and pragmatic. I like to lead with a question rather than a statement. I value building solid foundations over creating beautiful facades. I consider writing one of my design superpowers. 

I'm a Westerner who was born and raised in Colorado, but educated in Texas and California—the two states in which I've spent most of my working life. When I’m not busy with my wife and young son, I'm usually running or riding my bike and then pouring over the metrics. I also have a dry sense of humor—arid as the desert.  
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